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Right Comply brings pre and post hiring compliance to you.


Sounds Familiar?

Since 2008, onboarding qualified candidates tops the list of major business challenges. Research shows that over 65% of the companies acknowledged that they have hired a fake resources and were forced to rehire.

Resume puffery has been a major stumbling block for companies trying to hire Contingent workforce in the technology industry.

Resume mills have been flooding companies hiring contract talent with misrepresented resumes for all positions, be it a newbie or a director!

Companies use plethora of systems for resume tracking, candidate tracking, vendor management, application management, hiring management, hiring process management solutions. Yet the hiring crisis of IT contracting industry is up over 60% from five years ago.

Hiring a non-compliant resource impacts quality, product delivery, delayed projects, legal woes and lost market competitiveness.

Maxed budgets
Project delivery delayed
Misrepresented workers
Proxy interviews
Shortage of Resources
Unending No of agencies



Right Comply is a product of number of years of extensive and in-depth hands-on research across the IT industry. “ Talent on demand ” has been the preferred hiring method for IT projects as IT departments remain agile and flexible to meet rapidly changing market demands.

Temporary IT workforce on demand often help companies and groups prioritize, organize and deliver solutions rapidly. However, hiring process is under tremendous strain and often becomes the clogged artery to critical operations.

The Right Comply framework brings pre-hiring and post-hiring compliance to you. A simple, intuitive application built with the best of Artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning technologies.

Solutions For Your Business

Who Needs Right Comply

Right Comply is for every company that hires contingent Information Technology professionals. If you are a Human Resources Manager / Hiring Manager who receive hundreds of resumes for every position, and end up receiving hundreds of resumes including from unqualified candidates, Right Comply has the right tools to help you

Market Impact for Past 5 Years

  • $25 Billion wasted on Fraudulent Talents.
  • More than 50,000 genuine opportunities lost
  • Overwhelming number of companies ended up with a fraudulent resource
  • $150,000 lost per fake resource
  • Over 10,000 falsified background checks in the IT contract worker industry


All these have a booming impact on every company that hires contingent IT professionals. This has become the breeding ground for unqualified, misrepresented candidates and lackluster compliance procedures!

Right Comply Solutions

Here is where Right Comply comes in. After 20 man years of development, we are bringing the solutions to ensure contract IT talent remains part of your solution, and hiring remains robust and timely. Reach out to US Now to find out how our solutions can work for you.

Our Story



  • Are solution minded professionals with diverse backgrounds who came together with a single-minded goal to ensure complete transparency in the hiring life cycle.

  • Started Right Comply after personally experiencing the negative impact of the hiring problems that our solution is designed to address.

  • Are disrupting the often ignored 1000 lb gorilla in the IT contracting industry, rather than turning a blind-eye to it

  • Want to be the change that we want to see in the Technology industry. We are passionate about making a difference to the American workforce and the American ingenuity!

  • Are headquartered in Palo Alto, California.


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